rgc:audio z3ta+

rgc:audio z3ta+

Z3TA+ is a virtual instrument model program based on an analog synthesizer
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The rgc:audio Z3TA+ 1.5 is a software virtual instrument model program based on an analog synthesizer developed for audio creation.
This virtual sythesizer features an exclusive waveshaping function for each of its 6 oscillators. Warp, Twist, Wave, Symmetry, Offset, and Shrink are some of its 14 wave transformations, all fully bandlimited. The 32-bit waveable synthesis of the oscillators has 3 rendering modes; draft, NQ, HQ, and the oscillator section allows 6 user loadable wave forms. There are 60 built in waveforms and PWM is possible in all oscillators with any waveform. Additional to these 6 oscillators, the rgc:audio Z3TA+ 1.5 features morphing capable LFOs that are low frequency oscillators, 4 global and 2 local, with mode controls for fade in, morph time, tempo and key sync etc.

The rgc:audio Z3TA+ 1.5 synthesizer also features 8 x 6 stage envelope generators; 1 bipolar; 6 unipolar; 1 main amp, and they all have an adjustable positive or negative amount. An algorithmic arpeggiator is featured with all basic patterns alongside a MIDI arpeggiator with 100 patterns. A 7 band stereo equalizer is present with 11 equalizing modes. The program also has 4 reverb modes, 3 delay lines, 6 drive modes, and a 9 mode modulation effects section that is syncable to host tempo. In the filters section, users will discover 2 stereo filters (4 filters), 10 filter modes that can be set in parallel or serial feature cut-off, pan, level and limiter, resonance and resonance boost, that can all be individually controlled. Finally, for true analog style, users can select mono effect modes in the modulation section for choruses and phases.

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Discontinued by the developer.

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  • Unique waveshaping technology


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